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Data Governance Management Toolkit – Content Views Plugin MOCKUP

The DaSy Data Governance and Management Toolkit is a resource containing information, guidance, and templates to assist Part C and Part B 619 program staff with creating or enhancing their data governance policies and procedures. For each data governance topic, an overview, consideration questions, and a fillable Microsoft Word template are provided. The Introduction (first […]

Information and Resources about Coronavisus-19 (COVID-19)

In these unprecedented times, the DaSy team is here to support you. DaSy is working to provide technical assistance (TA) and resources to state agencies as you address the impact of COVID-19 on Part C early intervention and Part B preschool special education programs supported through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). If you […]

Five Considerations for Potential Data Linking Partners

Check out our blog post: Five Considerations for Potential Data Linking Partners Part C and Part B 619 program personnel have many opportunities to link data with partner programs (e.g., early hearing detection and intervention, quality rating and improvement system). Data linking partnerships can yield significant benefits, such as administrative efficiencies and access to additional […]

Oh, the Places You’ll Go …with Data Personnel

Conference: Early Childhood Personnel Center Cross-Cohort Leadership Institute Date: September 2018Presenters: Kathleen Hebbeler This presentation contains information on the benefits of building a comprehensive system of personnel data. It also includes the functions of a data system and uses of data. Link to Presentation

Fresh DaSy Resources

Summer is in full bloom, and so are our “DaSies”! Here are just a few of our recent publications and resources to help support the development and enhancement of high-quality early childhood data systems: Our new Data Culture Toolkit offers a process and practical resources for building effective data teams at the state and local […]

SSIP Evaluation Workshops: Introductory Webinar

This webinar introduced an exciting opportunity to participate in two online workshop series for Part C and Part B 619 program staff: evaluating infrastructure improvements, and evaluating early intervention/early childhood special education practice change and fidelity. Each workshop series will involve hands-on work and offer concrete strategies for improving or fine-tuning your SSIP evaluation plan. […]

Pacific Entity/Caribbean Island/Bureau of Indian Education TA Meeting

Meeting Outcomes As a result of participating in this meeting, participants will: Gain knowledge about challenges, successes, and strategies for SSIP Phase III from other entities/territories specifically focused on improvements in SSIP implementation and evaluation. Identify one way to improve data collection, analysis, and reporting in Phase III of the SSIP. Gain information and knowledge […]