Data Visualization Toolkit

Framework Connection: The Data Visualization toolkit is designed to support the creation and use of high-quality data products as addressed in the Data Use subcomponent of the DaSy Data System Framework, specifically in Quality Indicator DU3.

When presented effectively, data are engaging, comprehensible, relevant, and meaningful to your stakeholders. Data become more than a set of numbers; they are transformed into compelling evidence, a call to action, an answer, or a focused question. Given the potential of data to drive programmatic and systemic improvement, effective data visualization is a must. The purpose of this toolkit is to help state Part C and Part B staff in particular effectively create and present data visuals. For each data visualization topic, a comprehensive set of resources and information is provided including design principles, data considerations, accessibility tips, general how-to’s, examples, and sample tools. This Overview on Data Visualization provides general information and resources that supplement the toolkit.

To learn more, select a topic below. We encourage you to investigate topics you are unfamiliar with to better understand the data visualization options available. We also recommend using the toolkit with a specific data display or data product in mind so that you can actively apply the principles and considerations.

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This toolkit was originally created in 2016 in partnership with The National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI). It was revised in May of 2018.

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