618 Data Product Migration to Open Data Platform

OSEP is happy to announce that the IDEA 618 data products will have a new home on ED’s Open Data Platform starting February 15, 2022. The older data files, static tables, and collection documentation have been migrated and are already available on the Open Data platform. We know many States link to the 618 Data Products page to meet the IDEA public reporting requirements. You will need to update your links before February 15th, as the data will no longer be available on the current site. The new link is: https://data.ed.gov/dataset/idea-section-618-data-products.

The Open Data Platform (ODP), accessible at data.ed.gov, is the U.S. Department of Education’s solution for publishing, finding, and accessing our public data profiles. This open data catalog brings together the Department’s data assets in a single index, making them available with metadata describing them, documentation describing them in detail, and, in some cases, APIs for accessing them programmatically.