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New blog on Early Childhood Special Education and ESSA Logo: Center on Enhancing Early Learning OutcomesIn the latest Early ED in ESSA blog, our co-directors Donna Spiker and Kathy Hebbeler and our ... Read more

Who is Linking Part C and Part B 619 Data? Look to the Maps! At least some chld-level data about children receiving Part B 619 services are in teh same data system or have been linked to child-level data from parat C: 27% Yes for Part C & Part B 619; 7% Yes for Part C, No for Part B 619; 9% No for Part C, Yes for Part B 619; 48% No for Part C & Part B 619; 9% Data not available for at least one programIn discussions with our state partners around data linking, a question we often hear at the DaSy ... Read more

What does it take to create a good RFP for a new data system? data system icon Sorry, your data system will not perform as desired forever. Requirements, technology, expectations all change. Even with ... Read more

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