Child Outcomes Summary Knowledge Check (COS-KC)

Does your state or program use the ECO Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process for measuring child outcomes? How much do you know about practitioner knowledge of the COS process? Well-equipped practitioners are one key to high quality child outcomes data, and now we have a tool to help practitioners and states understand practitioner knowledge about the COS process. The COS Knowledge Check (COS-KC) is a brief assessment that produces helpful reports for state planning and improvement.

Free, online assessment

The Child Outcomes Summary Knowledge Check (COS-KC) is an online assessment of the knowledge that practitioners need to effectively participate in the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) team process and produce accurate COS ratings. The COS-KC content covers the three child outcomes, functionality of the three child outcomes, COS teaming, the seven-point scale, age anchoring, and evidence/documentation.

Produces state and local program reports

State and local administrators using the COS-KC system can access reports that show how practitioners performed on the COS-KC. These reports can help administrators understand the level of knowledge that COS team members possess. Reports can inform decisions about how to target professional development and increase background knowledge necessary for high quality and accurate COS ratings.

Recommended users of the COS-KC

Anyone who participates in the COS process or supports or supervises COS team members should take the COS-KC assessment. This includes early intervention and early childhood special education practitioners, related service provider team members, those who provide training on the COS, and those who supervise COS teams.

Time required to complete the COS-KC

The 30 multiple-choice questions on the COS-KC usually take about 45 minutes to complete.

COS-KC field testing

About 300 practitioners, state and local administrators, and professional development providers from both Part C and Part B Preschool programs participated in the COS-KC Field Test during Spring 2020. Analysis of field test data focused on the overall performance of the test items, validated the COS-KC, and established a threshold for passing.

State actions needed to use the COS-KC

The key point of contact in the state designates one or more state level administrators who upload local program/district/LEA location names and identify local administrators for each location. This determines who can see reports and manage users. The state identifies the best way to handle communication with practitioners, with state or local administrators usually inviting or requiring practitioners to click on a link and sign up for a COS-KC user account. This allows practitioners to take the assessment and, upon passing, print a certificate. The identified administrators monitor participation and access reports or data that can be used for program improvement.

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