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Developing an Effective Evaluation Report

This workbook is written for public health program managers, administrators, and evaluators to support their construction of an effective evaluation report. It encourages a shared understanding of what constitutes a final evaluation report for people with all levels of evaluation experience. The workbook outlines six steps for report development and provides worksheets and examples for each step. It offers exercises on outlining a report, communicating results, and stakeholder inclusion. It is especially geared toward stakeholder participation in reporting which will help states as they consider how to include stakeholders in their SSIP.

Most Relevant Sections

Phase III: Data Collection and Reporting

  • Page 22: Evaluation plan methods grid example aligns goals, indicators and measures for communicating results to outside groups
  • Page 33: Communication plan table
  • Page 40: Glossary of evaluation report elements
  • Pages 49-50: Checklist for assessing evaluation questions
  • Pages 51-52: Stakeholder interpretation meeting exercise

Published by: National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Developing an Effective Evaluation Report, PDF Document