Cross-System Collaboration and Data Sharing in Alaska: Increasing Service Access for Maltreated Infants and Toddlers

Conference: Administration for Children and Families National Research Conference on Early Childhood
Date: July 2016
Presenters: Taletha Derrington, Haidee Bernstein, Lisa Balivet, & Kenneth Smith

This poster presents lessons learned from Alaska’s efforts which increased the number of maltreated infants and toddlers who were referred to and enrolled in Part C Early Intervention (EI) programs through a pilot of referral policies and procedures and a data system automation to transfer referral data from Child Welfare to EI for infants/toddlers with substantiated maltreatment. These two efforts underscore the importance of cross-system coordination to engage these difficult-to-serve children and families.

Poster: Cross-System Collaboration and Data Sharing in Alaska (PDF)