Image of child reading with multiple levels of data represented above her: Classroom/Caseload, Center/School/Program, District/Program, Region, State, and National

Closing Plenary: Let’s Make Data Part of Everyone’s Toolkit!

Presenters: Kathleen Hebbeler (DaSy), Donna Spiker (DaSy), Lisa Backer (MN Dept of Education), Tony Chambers, Ann Freiburg (IL Dept of Human Services), Chelsea Guillen (EITP at University of Illinois), Ovella Peaches Lott (University City Children’s Center), & Bob Morris (WA Dept of Early Learning)

This multi-media, interactive closing plenary session discusses how data can be used effectively at multiple levels, including national, state, and local levels. It focuses on building a culture of data-informed decision-making and on lessons learned about ways that data can be “the ties that binds” in the service of better outcomes for children and families.

Closing Plenary: Let’s Make Data Part of Everyone’s Toolkit!
Chelsea Guillen, EI Ombudsman
Lisa Backer, ECSE Supervisor, Minnesota Dept. of Education
Ann Freiburg, IL Part C Coordinator, and Rita Wahl, IL CFC 20 Manager
Tony Chambers, Parent Representative and Peaches Lott, University City Children’s Center
Bob Morris, WA Part C Data Manager