A Guide to SSIP Evaluation Planning

This guide was developed by the IDEA Data Center (IDC) Evaluation Workgroup for use by IDC technical assistance providers when assisting state staff in planning State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) evaluations. It identifies steps and considerations for developing a high-quality SSIP evaluation plan based on OSEP’s SSIP Phase II Guidance and Review Tools. It is not intended to provide standalone guidance to states, but some state staff and non-IDC TA providers may find it useful to consult. See the guide for more information on this and on accessing TA.

Most Relevant Sections:

Phase II: Planning and Infrastructure

  • Page 3: Step 3, Linking activities to outputs and outcomes
  • Page 3: Step 4, Developing evaluation questions. Questions addressing process and outcomes

Phase III: Data Collection and Reporting

  • Page 5: Step 5, Identify data collection strategies
  • Page 6: Step 8, Plan to share and use evaluation results along the way
  • Page 19: Worksheet 11, Plan for data use and dissemination by analysis results

Published by: Westat

A Guide to SSIP Evaluation Planning PDF Document