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Early Childhood Data Collaborative’s (ECDC’s) 10 Fundamentals of coordinated state ECE data systems.

Logo: The Early Childhood Data Collaborative

This 2010 webpage outlines ECDC’s 10 Fundamentals for building coordinated state early childhood data systems and includes specific examples of what states are doing in each area . These Fundamentals are the backbone of the data systems, but based on a state’s unique interests and political realities, state stakeholders may choose to include additional information […]

Data for Action 2014: Paving the Path to Success

Logo: Data Quality Campaign

This 2014 report presents the key findings of DQC’s 2014 survey, including detailed state-by-state status; the national landscape of education data and policy; examples from leading states; and information on how states are serving the data needs of teachers, parents, school and district administrators, policymakers, and the public. Published by The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) […]