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What Might the Future IDEA Data Manager Job Look Like in 10 Years

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BI tools, increased data linking, mobile solutions, more prominent data governance, ever changing security, smarter data systems, voice activated data visualization, automated data driven suggestions, faster data turnarounds, and ever shorter consumer attention spans. What will IDEA data managers do and need in this exciting and hectic future? Participate in facilitated out of box thinking […]

Linking It All Together: Ready, Set, Go!

This third of three mini-webinars presented during Linking Week 2017, reviewed lessons learned from the week and shared resources and supports that address specific data linking needs. Presented by Sharon Walsh, Duane Brown, Bruce Bull, & Baron Rodriguez in May 2017 Link to Recording Link to Presentation

619 Data Needs and Responsive Data Governance

See presentation on 619 Data Needs and Responsive Data Governance

Conference: OSEP Leadership Date: July 2015 Presenters: Moderated and facilitated by Nancy Reder (NASDSE), Denise Mauzy (DaSy), & Sharon Walsh (DaSy) This presentation discusses the new and challenging issues for data sharing and governance that arise as the use of 619 data increases in state accountability systems, particularly as these data are shared or integrated […]

Early Childhood Data Collaborative’s (ECDC’s) 10 Fundamentals of coordinated state ECE data systems.

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This 2010 webpage outlines ECDC’s 10 Fundamentals for building coordinated state early childhood data systems and includes specific examples of what states are doing in each area . These Fundamentals are the backbone of the data systems, but based on a state’s unique interests and political realities, state stakeholders may choose to include additional information […]