State of the States – 2019 (Under Construction)

Our maps of the national status of Data Systems for Part C and Part B 619 offer a quick glance at 10 different features of state early childhood data systems, plus detailed information for each state. Use the tabs to browse national results on each feature, and elect a state to view individual results.

States & Territories


These data are based on information collected by the DaSy Center and the Infant Toddler Coordination Association (ITCA) in fall 2019. If data were not provided in 2019, 2015 data were used if available, otherwise 2013 data were used if available. Individual state information is presented with permission from authorized state Part C and Part B 619 staff. State Part C or Part B 619 coordinators or data managers may provide information, make a correction, or request a copy of their responses by contacting DaSy.