DaSy Framework: Data Governance & Management

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2014 DaSy Framework [PDF]
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Subcomponent: Data Governance and Management (DG)

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Definition: Data Governance is both an organizational process and a structure. Data governance establishes responsibility for data, organizing program staff to collaboratively and continuously improve data quality through the systematic creation and enforcement of policies, roles, responsibilities, and procedures.

Definition: Management is the systematic development, implementation, and enforcement of procedures (standardization of business processes) to operationalize the quality and security policies of the data system.


Quality Indicators

Section 1: Authority and Accountability: The first section, authority and accountability, is about establishing the data governance and management structure(s), responsibility, and oversight.

Section 2: Quality and Integrity: This section addresses policies to ensure validity, reliability, accuracy, consistency, and intended use of data. The section also focuses on the implementation of the monitoring and training procedures to ensure consistent application of data quality and integrity policies.

Section 3: Security and Access*: This section focuses on the protection of state data from loss, contamination, or unintended uses and ensuring appropriate access*.