Newly Released OSEP Fast Facts

OSEP is pleased to introduce our newly released Fast Fact focusing on children with disabilities ages 3 through 5 served under Part B, section 619 of the IDEA. For the OSEP Fast Facts: Children 3 through 5 Served Under IDEA Part B Section 619, we present data from the data collections authorized under IDEA Section 618 including that collected through child count and educational environments.

Highlights include:

  • In school year 2018-19, the percent of the population, ages 3 through 5, served under IDEA, Part B, for the United States and Outlying Areas is 6.75%.
  • In school year 2018-19, males were more likely to be served under Section 619 of the IDEA than females.
  • In school year 2018-19, 45.5% of children attended a regular early childhood program and received the majority of services in that location. The other 54.5% of children received the majority of services in another location including separate special education class, separate school or residential facility, service provider location, or home.
  • In school year 2018-19, the majority of children, ages 3-5, were identified with a Speech or language impairment or developmental delay as the primary disability.

OSEP Fast Facts is an ongoing effort to display data from the 12 data collections authorized under IDEA Section 618 into graphic, visual representations with the intent to present 618 data quickly and clearly. Visit the OSEP Fast Facts page for existing and future Fast Facts.

If you have any questions regarding the Fast Facts, please email OSEP’s RTP Data Team at .