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Developing Useful Logic Models

This presentation is geared toward helping practitioners develop useful logic models. The slides address the hallmarks of well-constructed, useful logic models and how to use logic model for program evaluation planning, implementation, and using the findings. The slides do a nice job of breaking down and explaining the different components and terminology associated with a logic model. Additional resources and sites are also included. States can use this presentation as an introduction to logic models and as guidance for key components to create a meaningful logic model for their SSIP evaluation.

Most Relevant Sections:

Phase I: Planning and Infrastructure

  • Slides 3 & 4: Components of a logic model and how to construct one
  • Slide 11: Process diagram for creating a logic model

Published by: AEA/CDC 2010 Summer Evaluation Institute

Logic Models as a Platform for Program Evaluation Planning, Implementation, and Use of Findings