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Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process Professional Development Tools

Presenters: Presented by Amy Nicholas (DaSy), Kellen Reid (DaSy, ECTA), Maureen Casey (AZ Early Intervention Program), Chelsea Guillen (IL EI Ombudsman/EI Training Program), Kathi Gillaspy (DaSy, ECTA), & Cathy Smyth (DaSy, ECTA)

This session provides participants with an overview of three key professional development resources/tools for improving the quality of the COS process and enhancing COS teams’ abilities to produce high-quality child outcomes data: 1) COS Online Module; 2) COS Competency Check; and 3) COS Team Collaboration (COS-TC): Quality Practices Toolkit. State presenters also share information about their professional learning efforts around the COS process, including the use of the highlighted resources/tools.

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