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An Evaluation Guidebook

This guidebook provides step-by-step instructions on how to design and carry out an evaluation. It details how to (1) develop outcome statements, indicators, and evaluation questions, (2) formulate an evaluation methodology and collect, assess, and summarize data, and (3) develop and disseminate evaluation findings and recommendations. This guidebook could also be used as a reference by people interested in certain phases of the evaluation process, such as writing performance indicators or designing a survey. It contains worksheets and resources that could be used by states for the SSIP as well as TA providers working with states.

Most Relevant Sections:

Phase II: Planning and Infrastructure

  • Page 12: Worksheet for writing outcome statements linked to issues
  • Pages 35-39: Worksheets to develop your evaluation questions
  • Page 58: Implementation questions

Phase III: Data Collection and Reporting

  • Page 61: Worksheet for documenting strategies and activities
  • Pages 62-66: Examples of documentation forms
  • Pages 91-96: Examples and worksheets for developing an evaluation work plan
  • Pages 154-155: Exercise for analyzing training attendance data
  • Pages 166-171: Examples and worksheets for summarizing findings when preparing to write an evaluation report

Published by: Sierra Health Foundation

We Did It Ourselves: An Evaluation Guide Book