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Early Childhood Data Collaborative’s (ECDC’s) 10 Fundamentals of coordinated state ECE data systems.

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This 2010 webpage outlines ECDC’s 10 Fundamentals for building coordinated state early childhood data systems and includes specific examples of what states are doing in each area . These Fundamentals are the backbone of the data systems, but based on a state’s unique interests and political realities, state stakeholders may choose to include additional information […]

Using Data in Multi-Agency Collaborations: Guiding Performance to Ensure Accountability and Improve Programs


This 2012 report is designed to help collaborating organizations anticipate and address the most common challenges associated with multi-agency performance management and electronic data collection systems, offering practical advice including clarifying the purpose of the collaboration and of the data collection effort, determining what data to collect, and choosing a system to use. Published by: Child […]

Data Linkages Between Public Health and Education Programs for Young Children with Special Needs

Chart of linkages between EC and K-12 data systems

Conference: American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting Date: November 2014 Presenter: Taletha Derrington This poster compares states in terms of cross-system linkages between early childhood intervention and special education programs and public health/health programs for young children. It explains the importance of such linkages in using data to improve programs that ultimately leads to […]

Data Linkages Between Health, Education, and Social Service Programs: Making the Connection for Young Children with Special Needs

Chart of linkages between EC and K-12 data systems

Conference: CityMatCH Leadership and MCH Epidemiology Conference Date: September 2014 Presenters: Taletha Derrington, Donna Spiker, Kathleen Hebbeler, & Martha Diefendorf This 2014 poster shares the results of the DaSy State of the States Needs Assessment related to cross-system linkages between early intervention, early childhood special education, health, early childhood, educational, and social service program child […]

Conquering the Trials and Tribulations of Data Sharing and Linking

Presenters: Robin Nelson, Baron Rodriguez, Linda Goodman, & Sherry Franklin This 2014 presentation provides information on requirements and best practices for data sharing agreements. Panelists from two states discuss key decisions in sharing and linking data across early childhood programs, the policy considerations related to those decisions, and lessons learned from their efforts. Presentation: Conquering […]

Benefits and Challenges of Integrating Data in Early Childhood: The Case of Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education

Pie chart system agreement

Conference: NCES STATS-DC Data Conference Date: July 2014 Presenters: Linda Goodman, Kathleen Hebbeler, Abby Winer, & Meredith Miceli This presentation discusses how young children with disabilities, who often are served in multiple programs, are likely to benefit from more coordinated state efforts to integrate data systems across programs. The issues states face when trying to […]