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National Perspective on Coordinated Early Childhood Statewide Data Systems – Lessons Learned

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Conference: NCES STATS-DC Date: July 2013 Presenters: Kathleen Hebbeler, Carlise King, & Missy Cochenour This presentation provides an overview of where states are in creating early childhood data systems and linking to other sectors through the statewide longitudinal data system (SLDS), leveraging the work of multiple national groups like DaSy, Early Childhood Data Collaborative (ECDC), […]

Family and Child Outcomes Data: Drill-Down and Linkages

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This 2013 session will review hypothetical state family outcomes data and examine indicators of data quality and patterns in the family outcomes data, and link data to examine connections between family outcomes and child outcomes. Implications of analyses for developing targeted data-based improvement activities will be discussed. Presented by: 2013 Improving Data, Improving Outcomes Conference […]

Tracking the Achievement of Children Receiving Part C Early Intervention Services (Birth to Three) Into the Third Grade

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This 2013 presentation discusses the findings of a historical cohort study that examined 58,839 children who received early intervening services for a cohort in 2006–07, what their educational placement was by grade three (2010–11), and how the Part C cohort was performing on high-stakes assessments compared to their peers. Presented by: NCES’ 26th Annual Management […]

The ABCs of Collecting Early Childhood Data

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This 2013 presentation discusses how Kansas, who started the process of integrating early childhood data with K–12 data in 2011, approached working with early childhood programs. Presented at: NCES’ 26th Annual Management Information Systems (MIS) Conference The ABCs of Collecting Early Childhood Data