Department of Education

Part C & 619 Data Displays

The U.S. Department of Education houses user-friendly displays of each SPP/APR on the GRADS360 website. These data displays include historical data, targets, and annual data for several fiscal years for all required Part C and 619 indicators. Part C indicators 5 (child find birth to one) and 6 (child find birth to three) also include descriptions of how the state compares to national data.

States can use the displays to easily view previous years’ data and targets and view other states’ data for comparison.

To access the Part C Indicators, users should select Part C and the fiscal year for which they would like data at the top of the screen, then select the state on the map. From there, users can download a complete SPP/APR report or select specific indicators to view.

Published by: U.S. Department of Education 

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