Data Governance Toolkit: Resources

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This Special Collection highlights the variety of resources we used when drafting and creating the Data Governance toolkit. The resources are separated below into two categories: General Data Governance and Management Resources, and By Section Resources – those used to help draft the content in each section. Links to the resources can be found in each of the individual sections and have been compiled below for ease of access.

General Data Governance Resources

Resources by Section

Specific resources for each section of the Data Governance Toolkit.

Data Breach and Response Policy

Data Quality

Data Security and Access

Data System Changes

Public Reporting

Electronic Communications

Data Requests

Data Partnerships

  • Data Sharing Agreement Checklist for IDEA Part C and Part B 619 Agencies and ProgramsData Sharing Agreement Checklist for IDEA Part C and Part B 619 Agencies and Programs
    This 2014 document is an adaptation of the 2012 release of “Data Sharing Agreement Checklist” intended for K-12 audiences. Presented as a checklist, the document ...
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Data Retention and Destruction Policy

  • Best Practices for Data DestructionBest Practices for Data Destruction
    This 2014 document from the U.S. Department of Education’s Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) is a best practices guide on properly destroying sensitive student data ...
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Published February 2021.