Data Culture: Teaming for Data Use

Why Data Teams Matter

Early intervention and early childhood special education data teams are groups of individuals dedicated to using data to plan and make decisions about programs and services. An important step in building an effective and sustainable culture of data use is to determine your teaming approach. You may seek to create or formalize an internal local and/or state data team, or you may choose to identify an existing external state and/or local stakeholder group to support and inform your data use efforts. This section of the toolkit provides information, resources, and tools to support state and local professionals to support a data culture and data teaming approach.

A data culture can exist with either a team (internal or external) or an individual committed to using data to make informed decisions about accountability, program operations, and program improvements. This section of the toolkit concerns the activities needed to support a data teaming approach.

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Additional resources to help you accomplish this work can be found in our Data Culture Special Collection.

Published August 2017.