Data Culture: Assess Your Data Use Culture

Building an effective, sustainable culture of data use requires a clear, data-informed decision-making process, strategies to identify and overcome barriers to using data, and regular reflection about adherence to the process.

This section of the toolkit provides information, resources, and tools to support state and local professionals’ reflection as they strive to promote a consistent culture of data use to inform decision-making. Simply click on the tabs to view the information, tools, and activities to support assessment of your data use culture. Assessing your data culture will provide insight into your progress and support you in identifying data use or team membership gaps at the state or local level, training needs, or programmatic changes.

Select the tabs above to view different information, tools, and activities to support the assessment of a culture of data use.

Additional resources to help you accomplish this work can be found in our Data Culture Special Collection.

Published August 2017.