COS-KC: For Practitioners – Resources

Resources Useful During the COS-KC Assessment

  • COS Process Quick Reference Guide. Recommended for individuals and teams to reference in preparation for and during the COS-KC and the COS process. The guide provides key information about the COS process, including major concepts and topics for teams to consider and explain during the process. It also includes a graphic that displays the skills associated with each outcome, a table with criteria associated with each rating point, and a decision tree for rating discussions.
  • COS-KC: Key Terms. A table summarizing terms and abbreviations that appear in the COS-KC, with information about some common alternative names used for these terms.
  • COS-KC Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Statement. The statement users agree to when creating a COS-KC user account. It provides general information about how user data will be used and reminds users that they are not allowed to create or distribute copies of COS-KC questions or content for any purpose.

Resources Useful to Learn More About the COS Process

  • Resources for More Information About the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process. A table of resources, links, and descriptions organized by specific topics covered on the COS-KC. These topics include general information about child outcomes, outcomes and functionality, teaming, 7-point rating scale, special considerations, age anchoring, and evidence and documentation. A key resource is the COS Process Quick Reference Guide, which briefly summarizes each aspect of the COS process.
  • COS Process Online Module.A national training module that provides essential information about the COS process. It includes eight short sessions with video presentations, downloadable slides, activities to practice and apply skills, resources, and brief questions to assess content understanding.
  • Practitioners are encouraged to visit their state’s website or talk with their training centers to access state-developed professional development materials about the COS process. Practitioners also are encouraged to reference any materials they might ordinarily have on hand during COS team rating discussions.

General Resources About the COS-KC