COS-KC: For Practitioners

Below are answers to common questions asked by individual practitioners interested in the COS-KC.

Why should I take the COS-KC?

Taking the free COS-KC helps you reflect on your understanding of key background information needed for high-quality COS ratings. Users often report that thinking about the questions help them recognize what concepts they do and don’t thoroughly understand. Plus, those who pass the COS-KC receive a free certificate demonstrating that knowledge.

Who can take the COS-KC?

Anyone can sign up for an account and take the COS-KC, a link will be available here soon. However, we encourage users to check with your program or state first in case there are specific activities that they recommend or require before taking the COS-KC or after receiving a certificate.

Must the COS-KC be completed in one sitting?

The COS-KC need not be completed in one sitting. The assessment saves the data as it progresses. Participants can stop the assessment and complete it at a later time. However, most people do complete it in one sitting since it usually takes about 45 minutes to answer the 30 multiple-choice questions.

How should I prepare for the COS-KC?

It is expected that practitioners participate in professional development opportunities prior to taking the COS-KC. The COS-KC is not a starting point for understanding the Child Outcomes Summary process. Check with your state about specific training recommendations or review the national COS module before beginning the assessment. Other recommended resources, including a quick reference guide, also can be found at the following link (use same link as given below to resources section at the bottom of the practitioners page):

What resources may I consult before and during the COS-KC?

Participants may use any resources they wish to prepare for the COS-KC and also may refer to them while taking the COS-KC because it is an open-book assessment. A list of recommended practitioner resources is available at the following on the Practitioners Resources page. Some of these resources were designed specifically as a refresher and quick reference guide for people taking the COS-KC.

Will I receive a score and a certificate for taking the COS-KC?

You will not receive a score, just a notification about whether you passed or did not yet pass the COS-KC. The date the completed assessment was submitted also is recorded in the system. Participants who pass the COS-KC will be able to download and print a Certificate of Achievement.

Are CEU’s offered for the COS-KC?

At this time no CEUs are offered for the COS-KC nationally. However, you may be able to show your certificate to others in your state and see if it meets CEU requirements. The COS-KC does not involve any observations of the COS process skills, only information about COS knowledge.

What if I don’t pass the COS-KC?

There is a waiting period of 24 hours between COS-KC assessment attempts. We strongly encourage you to prepare for the COS-KC between attempts by accessing professional development opportunities in your state and/or studying the resources at this link or the resources for more information on specific topics. If you do not pass the COS-KC after three attempts, we advise you to undertake a period of more concentrated study over a period of three months before re-attempting the COS-KC.

COS-KC help button

How do I get help if I have issues with the COS-KC?

If you are inside the COS-KC system, click on the help desk icon that looks like this, or contact us directly.

We encourage users to check with your program or state before starting the COS-KC, in case there are specific activities that they recommend or require before taking the COS-KC or after receiving a certificate.

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