Complete your Data Story with Qualitative Data

The most important goal of collecting, analyzing, and sharing data is to inspire action and the most effective way of inspiring action is to engage in data story-telling. When you tell a story using data, you need to understand not only what the numbers are saying, but why the numbers say that and how they came to be. Qualitative data can illustrate the why and how of the data story, complementing quantitative data and helping to explore, understand, and explain what is happening in our activities and programs. Qualitative data bring numbers to life, help stakeholders see their own story in the findings, and support interpretation and data-based decisionmaking.

Are you interested in learning more about qualitative methods and how to collect, analyze, and share qualitative data? Our upcoming session at the Improving Data, Improving Outcomes conference will provide best practices and include a state example from Louisiana. Presenters will share resources to support qualitative methods and participants will engage in a hands-on activity to practice analyzing qualitative data.

Join us at 8:30 am on Wednesday, August 15 in Salon B at the Improving Data, Improving Outcomes conference for Collecting, Analyzing, and Sharing Qualitative Data.

For a sneak peak at some of what we will share in the session, check out the resource Strengthening SSIP Evaluations with Qualitative Methods and the Qualitative Data tile of our Data Visualization Toolkit.