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Data Linking Toolkit: Introduction

What is data linking? Data linking is the process of connecting information about a record (e.g., child, service provider, service) from one data source with information related to that same record from another data source. This process can involve linking two existing data sets within a single program or linking one data set from one program with another data set from another program.

EC Data University – Data Analysis

Data Analysis Tile

The data analysis path expands on prior content to include concepts ranging from statistics to data use as well as their practical application. Data analysis is critical for transforming the ever-growing volume of raw data available to early childhood programs into meaningful information that may be used for checking data quality, identifying/answering programmatic questions, and decision-making.

Data Linking Toolkit: Partnerships

A data partnership is a formal arrangement between two or more parties to collaborate to advance one or both partners’ data interests. This collaboration often involves matching and linking record-level data. The importance of formalizing a partnership between agencies or programs when linking record-level data cannot be understated.

Data Linking Toolkit: Steps to Data Linking

This Data Linking Toolkit focuses on the steps, activities, and tools to support Part C and Part B 619 program staff in understanding the fundamentals of data linking and creating successful data linking partnerships. The toolkit outlines six high-level, sequential steps to support data linking…