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Effective data use requires ongoing planning, analysis, and dissemination of data products. In many cases, data become more valuable when they are linked with other data, creating additional information from which new data products can be developed. Data products are defined as all types of materials containing data, such as, for example, data tables, presentations, and reports.

The Data Use & Sharing Path is focused on aspects of this critical first step in the life of data. The measurement and entry of data defines the crucial concept of data collection. Learning more about data collection, examining and exploring topics around the knowledge and skills necessary to use data to inform decision-making, including using data to examine equitable access, services and supports, and outcomes to better do create and maintain the conditions for a culture of data use and allow staff to lead an ongoing data-informed decision-making process.

This path contains the core topic Data Visualization: Key Considerations and several resources to support data use and sharing.