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Infant & Toddler Coordination Association

Identification and Referral of Children with Deaf-Blindness

April 28, 2021 In this webinar, ECTA, ITCA and DaSy joined with NCDB to provide an overview of the Deaf-Blind TA Network and the unique opportunities that exist for inter-agency collaboration through training and technical assistance. In concert with NCDB, state deaf-blind projects provide technical assistance to help ensure that family members, early intervention providers, […]

Performance Based Contracting in Part C

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Presenters: Maureen Greer (DaSy, ITCA), Danielle Howes (VT Child Development Division), Pam Thomas (MO Dept of Education), & Ann Freiburg (IL Dept of Human Services) This session discusses performance based contracting with providers of early intervention. Performance based contracts specify performance standards and/or measures to be met and tie a portion of payment, contract extension […]

Child Outcomes Data Collection: Results of the ITCA National Survey and Discussion of Policies and Considerations

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Presenters: Christina Kasprzak (DaSy, ECTA), Cornelia Taylor (DaSy, ECTA), Maureen Greer (DaSy, ITCA), & Robin Nelson (DaSy) This session is a facilitated discussion on policies and procedures related to child outcomes data collection, with a focus on approaches for determining six months of services. Participants reflect on their current policies/procedures in light of shared examples […]

The Status of Part C Data Systems – 2013

This presentation provides an overview of selected findings from the 2013 ITCA national survey of Part C coordinators about data collection, infrastructure, security, validation, and analyses. Presented at the Improving Data, Improving Outcomes Conference in September 2013 The Status of Part C Data Systems