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Back-to-Basics on Part C Child Find—What You Need to Know About Indicators C5 and C6

This webinar continued the IDEA Data Center’s (IDC) Back-to-Basics Webinar Series for new Part C state staff, staff with new indicator responsibilities, and those who wanted a refresher on ins-and-outs of the SPP/APR indicators and related Section 618 data collections. The webinar focused on beginning level information on Indicator C5 (Child Find, Ages Birth to 1) and Indicator C6 (Child Find, Ages Birth to 3), including a review of the indicators’ specific criteria and data sources; steps and calculations required to collect, analyze, and report Indicator C5 and Indicator C6 data; and any differences or similarities between Indicators C5 and C6 and the other indicators.

Published by: IDEA Data Center (IDC)

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