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Using Integrated Data to Support the Transitions in Special Education

Conference: STATS-DC Date: July 2016 Presenters: Meredith Miceli, Missy Coffey, Sherry Franklin, Colleen Murphy, Kriste Elia, & Donna Johnson This 2016 presentation highlights current state approaches and describes how technical assistance is helping states link Part C and Part B data. Linked data can support providers in creating effective transitions and help state agencies see […]

Big Data for Little Kids: The Importance and Utility of Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems

Conference: Zero the Three National Training Institute Date: December 2015 Presenters: Taletha Derrington & Missy Cochenour This poster empowers viewers to participate in the creation and use of Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS) that link data across sectors to support decision-making and enhance the health and well-being of young children and their families. Link […]

Why Should EI/ECSE Participate in Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems?

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Conference: Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Date: October 2015 Presenters: Amy Nicholas, Missy Cochenour This presentation provides participants with information about why states are building early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDSs), and the benefits and considerations for EI/ECSE to participate in those systems. State EI/ECSE presenters describe their perspectives and experiences with ECIDS initiatives. Link […]

Part C and 619 Involvement With Integrated Early Childhood Data

Part C and 619 Involvement with Integrated Early Childhood Data

Conference: OSEP Leadership Date: July 2015 Presenters: Moderated by Missy Cochenour This presentation addresses the value and benefits of linked/integrated data for Part C and 619. State presenters share how the critical questions are driving their participation in data sharing activities with other early childhood programs. Presentation

Benefits of Using Integrated Data Systems to Support the SSIP

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Conference: IDC Interactive Institutes on High-Quality Data & the SSIP Date: Spring 2015 Presenters: Missy Cochenour, Tony Ruggiero, Jeff Sellers, & Bill Huennekens This presentation covers the value of IDEA data managers and staff working with data from systems integrated with general education and early learning programs. Learn how integrated data can support your SSIP […]