Resources for Pay for Success (PFS)

The DaSy Center is working with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and the Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA) to explore the feasibility of using a Pay for Success (PFS) funding model with Part C and 619 preschool programs. PFS is an innovative financing mechanism that harnesses private capital to fund evidence-based prevention-focused programs or social services.

This page provides selected resources about PFS and Social Impact Bonds (a popular PFS model). This includes information about what PFS is, how to design and evaluate PFS initiatives, examples of current PFS efforts in early childhood, and examples of PFS in the news. Additional information is available in the presentation and recording of our June 8 webinar.

Upcoming PFS Events

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PFS in the news

8 Preschool Pay For Success Pilots Funded Department of EducationOn December 22, 2016, the U.S. Department of Education announced $3 million in Pay for Success grants for preschool programs. These grants will allow ... Read more

FAQ: Preschool Pay for Success (PFS) Feasibility Pilot Department of EducationThe U.S. Department of Education offers responses to Frequently Asked Questions related to their Preschool Pay for Success Feasibility Pilot grants. Visit their FAQs ... Read more

Chicago in Context: Considering Pay for Success to Improve Special Education Logo: i(cs)This May 2016 blog post describes results from the Chicago Pay for Success project which expands the city’s Child Parent Center early education model. ... Read more

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What is Pay for Success (PFS)?

The Critical Role of Education Data in Early Childhood Pay For Success Efforts Image of red DaSyConference: STATS-DC Date: August 2017 Presenters: Jennifer Tschantz , Megan Cox, & Donna Spiker This session will provide an overview of Pay For Success (PFS), an innovative financing mechanism ... Read more

The payoff of pay-for-success Logo: SSIRThis 2015 article describes some of the early PFS project in the U.S. and discusses some of the pros and cons of the model as ... Read more

Frequently Asked Questions: Social Impact Bonds Logo: CAPThis 2012 guide contains a set of common questions about Social Impact Bonds (a type of PFS model). Citation: Costa, K., Shah, S., ... Read more

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Designing and evaluating PFS initiatives

Pay for Success Feasibility Tool kit: Considerations for State and Local Leaders Department of EducationReleased in October 2017, this tool kit provides general information on PFS and discusses important elements to consider during the feasibility phase of a PFS ... Read more

Pay for Success Project Assessment Tool Logo: Urban InstituteThe PFS Project Assessment Tool (PAT) helps people answer a fundamental question: What makes for a strong PFS project? It describes core elements of PFS ... Read more

GAO Report on PFS Logo: GAO.govThis is a 2015 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report examining how selected PFS projects have been structured and what potential benefits they can provide, how ... Read more

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Organizations working on PFS

U.S. Department of Education Dept. of Education logoThe U.S. Department of Education now offers a page of resources related to Pay for Success, including links to Office of Management & Budget (OMB) ... Read more

Sorenson Impact Center Logo: Sorenson Impact CenterThe mission of The Sorenson Impact Center is to accelerate positive and sustainable social change through cross-sector collaboration, data and private capital. Housed within The ... Read more

Ready Nation Logo: Ready NationReadyNation was originally created in 2006 and has operated as a nonprofit since 2014. ReadyNation specializes in applying PFS finance to scaling up early childhood ... Read more

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PFS in early childhood

Urban Institute Early Childhood Toolkit Logo: Urban InstituteThis Urban Institute toolkit is comprised of a series of briefs that provide a roadmap for stakeholders on how to use PFS to scale high-quality, ... Read more

Using benefit-cost analysis to scale up early childhood programs through Pay-for-Success financing This 2015 journal article describes social impact borrowing as a new method for financing public sector, outlines contribution of benefit cost analysis (BCA), and discusses ... Read more

Financing human capital development for economically-disadvantaged children: Applying pay for success social impact finance to early childhood development ReadyNation Working Paper, June 10, 2013This 2013 working paper describes how PFS can be applied to funding of early childhood development programs. Citation: Dubno, J. A., Dugger, R. H., & ... Read more

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