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Improving State Child Find Efforts Through Self-Assessment and Planning


Conference: Division for Early Childhood’s 34th Annual International Conference on Young Children with Disabilities Date: October 2018 Presenters: Brenda Wilkins, Jennifer Barrett-Zitkus, Margaret Gillis, Evelyn Shaw This session will provide an overview of State Child Find efforts and OSEP will share the Child Find Self-Assessment (CFSA) developed collaboratively with the OSEP Funded Technical Assistance Centers (DaSy and ECTA) […]

Suspension and Expulsion in the Early Years: Using Data to Inform Continuous Improvement for Children with Disabilities

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This presentation contains information on the importance of early childhood suspensions and expulsions as this issue relates to child and student outcomes, particularly for children with disabilities. Participants will learn about applicable data, definitions of suspension and expulsion, and potential impacts on practice. Additionally, participants will learn how Arkansas and South Carolina are implementing policies […]

Using Data You Can Trust Improving Survey Response Rates

DaSy Data System Framework

States employ survey methods to collect data about family outcomes and support their SSIP evaluations. Low response rates hinder states’ ability to analyze data. Furthermore, development of clear and concise survey methodology facilitates collection and analysis of meaningful data. Participants will learn of advantages and disadvantages of different survey methodology and methods for increasing response […]

Pay For Success A discussion of possibilities and lessons learned from an exploration with states

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Pay for Success (PFS) is an innovative contracting model that drives resources toward high performing programs. This presentation contains the possible applications of PFS that could serve young children with disabilities, highlighting data needs and challenges of applying PFS to this population. The presentation also includes state representatives of DaSy’s PFS learning community and their […]

Supporting Emerging Family Leaders

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Family leaders can be crucial in developing and implementing policies, procedures, and practices that meet the needs of the children and families served by EI and ECSE programs. It is important to provide appropriate supports so that family members feel confident to take on leadership roles. This presentation will explore approaches to effectively support family […]

Collecting, Analyzing, and Sharing Qualitative Data

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Qualitative data can provide valuable information that complements quantitative findings in assessing progress, identifying successes and challenges, and making adjustments to improve services. This session will share best practices in collecting, analyzing, and sharing qualitative data, and an example from Louisiana. Presenters will share resources to support qualitative methods and participants will engage in a […]