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Collaboration through Information Sharing: Building Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems

Puzzle pieces spell Win Win

Conference: Head Start’s 12th National Research Conference on Early Childhood Date: July 2014 Presenters: Jennifer Tschantz, Missy Cochenour, Donna Spiker, Lynne Kahn, Kathleen Hebbeler, Lauren Barton, & Suzanne Raber These presentations are part of a symposium that describes the national landscape of federal investments and resources to develop integrated and longitudinal state level data systems. […]

Introducing the DaSy Center

Daisy photo: The Center for IDEA Early Childhood DAta SYstems

Conference: FPG Seminar Series Date: November 2013 Presenters: Kellen Reid & Martha Diefendorf This presentation is an overview of the DaSy Center and its goals and activities including the Needs Assessment, Framework Development, Technical Assistance, and Leadership & Coordination. Introducing the DaSy Center

Prioritizing Early Childhood Data: SLDS Webinar Summary

This 2011 webinar summary focuses on how states can design early childhood data systems that address key issues, on the local, state, and national levels; are improvement-driven as opposed to compliance-driven; and can be coordinated with K-12 and other key program data. Published by: Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SDLS) State Support Team (SST) Prioritizing Early […]