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So you submitted your Phase III SSIP report… What now?

Look no further than our new State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) evaluation resource special collection! In order to increase visibility and access to the range of SSIP resources on other center pages, DaSy has developed a special collection section on the DaSy Resource Library page. The collection consists of an annotated list of recommended resources related to the SSIP. Each resource has been previously developed and vetted through its own center’s processes. Resources are organized by SSIP Phase II, SSIP Phase III, and SSIP Presentations.

We want to you to be able to have SSIP resources at your fingertips, without having to search the web to find what you need. With the SSIP special collection, we’ve compiled SSIP resources from across TA centers and organizations and provided brief descriptions so you can find what you need, when you need it. Turn to this collection as you develop, refine, and implement your SSIP plans.