Child Outcomes Reports – Special Collection

This online resource collection provides a convenient means to access a variety of child outcomes data reports that states have produced for their local programs. Several states have generously offered their examples and templates to help other states in this work. These reports were also shared during a September 2017 ECTA/DaSy webinar, National and Local Child Outcomes Reporting.

Each resource listing describes the types of data and charts included so that users can quickly identify the reports they want to review as they consider adding reports to their data system. No actual data is included in any of these documents. These are not DaSy-developed resources; if you want more information about any particular report or template, please contact the agency that developed the resource.





  • Montana COS ReportMontana COS Report
    This Part C report provides data generated by Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services data system. The state and/or the contracted provider may toggle over any of the ...
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New Jersey

North Carolina


  • District Child Outcome Data B7District Child Outcome Data B7
    This sample Part B report shows two years of district and state data comparisons for outcomes, with targets and difference between division and state. The report also includes bar ...
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