Learning Communities and Other Opportunities for Ongoing Learning

In response to state feedback, DaSy and our partners have developed a variety of small-group learning opportunities. These opportunities include communities of practice, workshops, and ongoing learning communities. Each focuses on a topic of mutual interest to a small group of states. The table below contains the full list of current learning opportunities that DaSy helps to facilitate.

Topic Format Purpose Partners Contact
Part C Data Managers Community Learning Community The Part C Data Managers Community provides ongoing TA and peer-to-peer learning through conference calls, webinars, and meetings at conferences with a focus on meeting the data requirements for IDEA. haidee.bernstein@sri.com
Part C Data Managers Orientation Orientation This orientation is scheduled on an individual basis and provides new Part C data managers with an overview of federal IDEA data collection and reporting requirements. The orientation addresses 618 data and EMAPS submissions, the Annual Performance Report, public reporting requirements and related DaSy and ECTA technical assistance resources. rob1nelson@outlook.com
Family Outcomes Data Community of Practice The Family Outcomes Data Community of Practice allows individuals to share issues and resources related to family outcomes measurement, including analysis, data quality, and data use and dissemination. Specific topics will be prioritized by the members, and the calls will focus on state sharing and peer participation. The learning community is intended for Part C Coordinators, data managers, and other state staff who work directly with analyzing, interpreting, and sharing family survey data in their state. Register to participate here. ECTA Center (lead) siobhan.colgan@unc.edu
Child Outcomes Summary Learning Community The community is intended for state Part C and Part B 619 staff who work directly with collecting, analyzing, and using COS data. The goal of the community is to help participants promote /maintain practices that lead to high-quality COS data and the ability to use those data in meaningful ways. Participants learn from one another, share tools and resources, and explore issues together in a collegial environment. Web-based meetings are held on a quarterly basis and community members have access to an online space for ongoing collaboration. ECTA Center (lead) kellen.reid@unc.edu
BDI Users Learning Community This group is for interested individuals to share experiences using the Battelle Developmental Inventory (BDI) for outcomes reporting. The group focuses on a variety of topics including quality assurance, data collection and analysis, and training and technical assistance. The group meets via conference call several times a year and in person, when possible, at national meetings. State Part C and Section 619 staff are invited to participate. ECTA Center (lead) cornelia.taylor@sri.com
TS GOLD Learning Community This community offers a way for interested individuals to share experiences using the Teaching Strategies (TS) GOLD for outcomes reporting. The group focuses on a variety of topics including training assessors, procedural issues, reporting, and new features. The group meets monthly. States identify questions/issues to discuss each month and one state leads the discussion. States do not have to lead discussions to participate in the community. ECTA Center (lead) nicholas.ortiz@sri.com