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A high-quality data system serving Part C and/or Part B 619 programs originates from a clearly articulated purpose and vision. An effective purpose statement succinctly describes the reasons for building the data system and its short-term benefits, including the scope of the system and how key stakeholders are expected to use it. The vision statement is an aspirational description of how the data system will support a statewide system that offers equitable access and services and supports and achieves equitable outcomes for all children with disabilities and their families, especially those families who traditionally are underserved. It does not focus on the data system itself, but rather on how the data will be used to address the state’s early intervention and preschool special education policy and program goals, especially the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for all young children with disabilities and their families.

Having a written purpose and vision statement for the data system provides guidance for every phase of data system development and enhancement. In addition, a well-articulated purpose and vision statement enables the state to maintain the intended scope of work while planning for expansion, use, and sustainability of the data system over time. Ideally, the statement is developed before but could be done after a data system is deployed.

Quality Indicator PV1

State leadership articulates a purpose and vision statement for the data system reflective of the Part C/619 program’s intents and goals.

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Published March 2022.