Monday: Technical Needs & Data Governance

Linking Day 1: Data Governance and Technology Considerations

Today, we focus on helping Part C and 619 think through the data governance and technology considerations related to linking data. New resources include an infographic showing the steps needed to successfully link data and a mini-webinar in which Colorado and South Dakota Part C and Part B 619 staff will share updates on their work as they pursue Part C and Part B 619 data linkages.

This is only the beginning! After today’s focus on Technical Needs and Data Governance, we’ll address Critical Questions that can be answered by linking, State Stories about linking efforts, Privacy Considerations, and Resources to Support Linking from across our network. Do join us for as many or as few of the webinars as you can, watch this space for daily updates, and stay tuned for a comprehensive collection of all of this week’s resources (including webinar recordings).