Data Culture Toolkit: Data Quality Resources and Tools

This section lists and provides links to selected resources from the Office of Special Education Programs national technical assistance centers—The Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems, Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA), and IDEA Data Center—that promote and support high-quality data and analyses.

Resource/Tool Purpose of Resource/Tool
Building Stakeholder Knowledge About Data To build stakeholders knowledge about data
DaSy Data Systems Framework To assist Part C and Section 619 programs in developing and enhancing high-quality state data systems and in improving the quality of their IDEA data
Data Governance Toolkit To provide information, guidance, and templates to assist Part C and Part B 619 program staffs with creating or enhancing their data governance policies and procedures
Data Visualization Toolkit: Tools & Tips for Presenting Data Effectively To provide tools and tips for presenting data effectively
Recognizing and Performing the DEC Recommended Practices To improve recognition and performance of the DEC Recommended Practices
Part C IDEA Data Processes Toolkit To document data processes for all IDEA 616 and 618 data collections
Working Principles of High-Quality IDEA Data To learn the principles of high-quality IDEA data
IDEA Data Quality: Outlier Analyses Tools To promote understanding of the principles of outlier analyses among state staffs
Checking Outcome Data for Quality: Looking for Patterns To check for anomalies in child outcomes data
Part C Exiting Toolkit To document processes used and data checks for Part C Exiting Data
Outcomes Measurement To analyze child and family outcomes and to measure associated meaningful differences using calculators developed by ECTA

You can find these and other resources to help you accomplish this work in our Data Culture Special Collection.

Published August 2017.