COS-KC: For States

Deciding About Use of the COS-KC

The following slides include background about the COS-KC and information to help you consider if and how the COS-KC might be useful in your state.
Deciding About Use of the COS-KC and if the Tool is a Good Fit for Your State

Getting Started Using the COS-KC System

Key steps in rolling out use of the COS-KC are identified below.

  1. Connect with DaSy TA providers. Contact to get connected with a TA provider who can answer questions and support you through the set-up and roll-out process.
  2. Develop big picture plans. State discussion and decisions about purposes for using the COS-KC and big picture plans for encouraging or requiring participation both short term and longer term (see Big Picture Plans worksheet, a user manual appendix). This may involve planning connections between the COS-KC and existing PD activities.
  3. Consider locations and staffing. Identify the level at which reports will be partitioned (e.g., program, LEA, district, county, region) and staffing to handle user management and reports. Learn about the roles for state level and local level admins and compile files for bulkloading these into the system. (Decisions about locations and decisions about staffing roles, see user manual appendix)
  4. Plan communications and timing of rollout. Draft templates for communications and consider timing of rollout and plan orientation of people to their roles in the system. Develop plans to follow up with users with timely PD and support after the COS-KC. (See sample communications, see user manual appendix)
  5. Bulkload programs, users, and implement communications. Initiate bulkload which triggers account set up for admins and users. (See bulkloading information in the user manual).
  6. Monitor user progress, completion, and passing. Encourage participation, especially among those practitioners who have not yet activated accounts or submitted assessments. Consider both short-term awareness and longer-term plans.
  7. Access, interpret, and use reports for program and professional development improvement. Use existing reports to plan for professional development and improve COS practices. Implement systems to ensure data are reviewed and acted upon regularly.
  8. Reflect on uses and navigating transitions. Periodically gather the team to reflect on the usefulness of the COS-KC and to identify and support transitions in policies, locations, or staffing.

Check out the user manual (coming soon!) for specific details about setting up and rolling out the COS-KC.

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