COS-KC: For States

Deciding About Use of the COS-KC

If you are affiliated with a state agency and your agency is considering using the COS-KC in your state, we recommend you view Deciding About Use of the COS-KC and if the Assessment is a Good Fit for Your State to help with your decision-making. If you have questions or would like to talk to someone about the COS-KC, please contact your DaSy liaison or request TA.

Our state agency wants to use the COS-KC. Now what?

There are six key steps for rolling out use of the COS-KC:

  1. Connect with DaSy TA providers. Contact your DaSy liaison or request TA to connect with a TA provider who will answer questions, get your state entered into the COS-KC system, and support you through setting up the COS-KC for your state and rolling out the process with your local programs.
  2. Develop a plan for how you will roll out the COS-KC and use the reports. Examples of topics to address in the plan include:
    • Why is the state using COS-KC (i.e., the purpose)?
    • Who will serve as the state administrator?
    • What will be considered as a “local program” in the system?
    • Who will be assigned as local administrators for the COS-KC within each of those programs?
    • Will taking the COS-KC be voluntary or mandatory for practitioners?
    • How will the agency roll out the COS-KC (e.g., start with only some programs, statewide)?
    • How will state and local programs use the results to support overall professional development for the COS process? And how will professional development be provided for those who do not pass?
  3. Enter required information into the COS-KC system. Enter required information into the system which triggers account set-up for local administrators.
  4. Communicate with COS-KC local administrators. Make sure local administrators understand the COS-KC system, state expectations for local administrators, how to produce reports, and other responsibilities.
  5. Monitor user progress, completion, and passing. Work with local programs to track COS-KC participation and encourage participation, especially among practitioners who have not yet activated accounts or submitted assessments.
  6. Access, interpret, and use reports for improving programs and professional development. Implement strategies to ensure COS-KC reports are reviewed and acted upon regularly in relation to their implications for professional development and data quality. Use reports to plan for professional development and improve COS practices.

Check out the COS-KC User Manual for State Administrators for details about setting up and rolling out the COS-KC.