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Introducing the DaSy Center

Daisy photo: The Center for IDEA Early Childhood DAta SYstems

Conference: FPG Seminar Series Date: November 2013 Presenters: Kellen Reid & Martha Diefendorf This presentation is an overview of the DaSy Center and its goals and activities including the Needs Assessment, Framework Development, Technical Assistance, and Leadership & Coordination. Presentation: Introducing the DaSy Center

The Impacts of ICD-10 on Your Part C Program

Impacts on Part C: Eligibility, Billing, Electronic Data, Analysis & Reporting

This 2013 webinar focuses on the impacts of ICD-10 on early intervention programs, particularly with regard to eligibility and billing. In addition, the impact of the conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 on state data systems and on data analysis and reporting is discussed. Presenters also discuss the anticipated changes, use examples to highlight potential impacts, […]

What is the problem? Broad Data and Infrastructure Analysis

Theory of Action flow chart

Conference: WRRC Regional Leadership Forum Date: October 2013 Presenters: Kathleen Hebbeler, Christina Kasprzak & Cornelia Taylor This presentation provides opportunities for Part C and 619 Coordinators and key leadership staff to share strategies for designing and implementing the State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP), which is the new qualitative indicator of the SPP/APR. Presentation: What is […]

Improving Outcomes Through Knowledge: The Power of Early Childhood State Databases

EC Integrated Data Sytstem components

Conference: Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Date: October 2013 Presenters: Martha Diefendorf, Taletha Derrington, Kathleen Hebbeler, Donna Spiker, & Lynne Kahn This presentation summarizes where states are in building such systems and introduce a new federally-funded center helping states address challenges to having better data on children receiving early intervention and preschool special education. Presentation: […]

Data Partnerships to Ensure that Professionals Who Work with Children with Special Needs are Represented

A Comprehensive Early Childhood Framework

Conference: National Registry Alliance Meeting Date: October 2013 Presenters: Denise Mauzy & Missy Cochenour This 2013 presentation discusses the importance of including IDEA programs and services in states’ registries and reviews standards and tools that support states’ efforts. Presentation: Data Partnerships to Ensure that Professionals Who Work with Children with Special Needs are Represented

Introducing the DaSy Center

Photos of DaSy staff

Conference: Multiple Dates: Multiple dates in 2013 Presenters: Kathleen Hebbeler & Donna Spiker This introductory presentation outlines the purpose and activities of the DaSy Center and has been given to several selected audiences via webinar including a national webinar for Part C and 619 coordinators, the Infant Toddlers Coordinators Association, the 619 Coordinators Consortium, the […]

More than Referral: Linkages between Early Intervention and Child Welfare Data and Improved Child Outcomes

More than Referral (title slide)

Presenters: Taletha Derrington, Bruce Sheppard, Ardith Ferguson, Christy Scott, & Kenneth Smith This 2013 collection of presentations discuss implementation issues and their implications for state IDEA data systems. Panelists from three states describe their states’ linkages and discuss how implementation issues have been addressed and how linkages have been (or could be) used to improve […]

Use of Data for Monitoring Part C and B 619

Six Step Framework detail

Presenters: Krista Scott, Bruce Bull, & Debbie Cate This 2013 presentation discusses updating and aligning monitoring processes to be data-driven, maintaining general supervision responsibilities, monitoring for compliance AND results, supporting local and state level improvement/TA efforts, while balancing the load against existing resources. Use of Data for Monitoring Part C and B 619