Target Setting Guide: Indicators C11 and B17

Indicator-specific guidance is provided separately for results indicators where target setting is required, including C11 and B17-State Systemic Improvement Plan. There are eight sections that support target setting for this indicator. This indicator specific guidance is intended to be used as a companion to the general guidance.

Indicators C11 and B17: State Systemic Improvement Plan

Consider the following when setting targets for the SiMR(s) in the State Systemic Improvement Plan.
What is the relationship between the state-identified measurable result (SiMR) and the state’s SPP/APR indicators?

  • Is the SIMR equivalent to one of the indicators?
    • If so, the state will need to determine their targets for the SSIP and align them to the SPP/APR targets for FFY 2020 – 2025.
    • The state should follow the target-setting guidance for the indicator chosen as the SiMR.
  • If the state’s SiMR is based on a subset of local programs/districts or populations, its SSIP baseline data will be different from the statewide baseline data of the comparable indicator in the SPP/APR, and its targets will likely be different from the statewide targets for the comparable indicator in the SPP/APR.
    • The state will need to look at the specific trends and data quality concerns and estimate the difference for that particular subset when setting their SSIP targets. The state will need to consider how that subset will impact the overall statewide performance and targets.

Published June 2021.