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This presentation highlights the purpose and benefits of using Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). Published by Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) Why CEDS? Presentation

CEDS 101

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This presentation introduces the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) project and provides information on the purpose of the projects, the parts of a CEDS Standard, and the tools for using and integrating the standards. Presented by Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) CEDS 101 Presentation

CEDS Version 4

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This 2013 set of voluntary data standards is the newest version of CEDS which includes additions to the early learning, K12, and post-secondary elements and expands CEDS into adult education and workforce. Published by: Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) CEDS Version 4

CEDS Connect Tool

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This tool allows users to find and create “Connections” among data elements to address practical applications across the P-20W environment, for example, answering policy questions, calculating metrics and indicators, and reporting to the federal government. Currently, the tool addresses four policy questions in early learning. CEDS Connect Tool

ECIDS and DaSy: Frameworks for Building Better Data Systems

Title slide: ECIDS & DaSy Frameworks

Conference: NCES STATS-DC Data Conference Date: July 2014 Presenters: Colleen Murphy, Jaci Holmes, Kathleen Hebbeler, & Missy Cochenour This presentation shares an overview of the ECIDS Toolkit and DaSy framework and discusses how these frameworks can help you use your data through current state examples. Also discussed are implications for integrating early childhood program data […]

National Perspective on Coordinated Early Childhood Statewide Data Systems – Lessons Learned

Flow chart of data system

Conference: NCES STATS-DC Date: July 2013 Presenters: Kathleen Hebbeler, Carlise King, & Missy Cochenour This presentation provides an overview of where states are in creating early childhood data systems and linking to other sectors through the statewide longitudinal data system (SLDS), leveraging the work of multiple national groups like DaSy, Early Childhood Data Collaborative (ECDC), […]