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Data De-identification: An Overview of Basic Terms

Types of data by sensitivity

This 2014 document is intended to assist early intervention service programs and providers and preschool special education programs and agencies in maintaining compliance with privacy and confidentiality requirements under IDEA and FERPA. It reviews the terminology used to describe data de-identification as well as related concepts and approaches; provides general best practice de-identification strategies for […]

Who Are You Going to Call?

Chart of four TA centers

This 2014 flyer clarifies the roles of four OSEP Technical Assistance Centers (DaSy, ECTA, IDC, & ECPC) that respond to early childhood state requests and provides examples of who to contact for common requests and questions. Distributed at the Improving Data, Improving Outcomes Conference in September, 2014. Who Are You Going to Call? Flyer

Current Status and Future Priorities: Statewide Data Systems for IDEA Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education

Pie chart system agreement

Conference: Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention (CRIEI) Date: February 2014 Presenters: Donna Spiker, Kathleen Hebbeler, Martha Diefendorf & Taletha Derrington This poster displays selected findings about the current status of Part C and Part B 619 data systems and where states are in moving to improve their data systems. Poster: Current Status and […]

36th Annual Report to Congress on IDEA Implementation

Dept. of Education logo

This 2014 report describes our nation’s progress in providing free appropriate public education for all children with disabilities and early intervention services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families; ensuring the rights of these children and their families are protected; assisting states and localities in providing education to these children; and assessing the […]

Introducing the DaSy Center

Daisy photo: The Center for IDEA Early Childhood DAta SYstems

Conference: FPG Seminar Series Date: November 2013 Presenters: Kellen Reid & Martha Diefendorf This presentation is an overview of the DaSy Center and its goals and activities including the Needs Assessment, Framework Development, Technical Assistance, and Leadership & Coordination. Presentation: Introducing the DaSy Center

Improving Outcomes Through Knowledge: The Power of Early Childhood State Databases

EC Integrated Data Sytstem components

Conference: Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Date: October 2013 Presenters: Martha Diefendorf, Taletha Derrington, Kathleen Hebbeler, Donna Spiker, & Lynne Kahn This presentation summarizes where states are in building such systems and introduce a new federally-funded center helping states address challenges to having better data on children receiving early intervention and preschool special education. Presentation: […]

Data Partnerships to Ensure that Professionals Who Work with Children with Special Needs are Represented

A Comprehensive Early Childhood Framework

Conference: National Registry Alliance Meeting Date: October 2013 Presenters: Denise Mauzy & Missy Cochenour This 2013 presentation discusses the importance of including IDEA programs and services in states’ registries and reviews standards and tools that support states’ efforts. Presentation: Data Partnerships to Ensure that Professionals Who Work with Children with Special Needs are Represented