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Essentials of Data Operations: Getting Data into Your Data System (so you can use it)

Interoperability diagram from Cisco

Presenters: Jim Campbell, Missy Cochenour, & Baron Rodriguez This 2013 presentation is primarily about the operations of a data system, including defining data elements, data collection, linkages, and analysis. In other words, how to successfully get data into your data system. Other areas of focus will include the advantages of interoperability, privacy and confidentiality considerations, […]

CEDS: Common Data Elements and Definitions for Part C and 619 Programs

CEDS Anatomy: The Basics

Conference:OSEP Leadership Date: July 2013 Presenters: Missy Cochenour, Suzanne Raber, Meredith Miceli, & Lisa Backer This presentation provides an opportunity for participants to discuss the benefits and challenges of developing data systems across their programs with common data elements and definitions. Tools developed by the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) initiative are shared. CEDS: Common […]

Common Education Data Standards (CEDS): 101 Tools and Use

This 2013 introductory session will familiarize users with the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) and describe what CEDS are needed, what the parts of CEDS are, and how CEDS can be used. The session will also include a demonstration of both CEDS Tools: Align and Connect. Presented at the STATS-DC Data Conference in July 2013. […]