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Questions, Data, and Reports: Connecting the Data Dots Using the DaSy Framework System Design and Development Component

Four images: Data (ingredients), Information (cooling cake), Presentation (frosted cake), Knowledge (crumbs)

Presenters: Taletha Derrrington & Kathleen Hebbeler This 2014 workshop presentation explores connecting key policy questions with the data elements and reports needed to answer them using the DaSy framework. Interact to formulate key questions regarding outcomes for children and families; identify data elements from the DaSy Framework needed to answer key questions; create report templates […]

Answering Critical Questions Using Data: Tools to Support Development and Data Element Identification

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Presenters: Tony Ruggiero, Haidee Berstein, Missy Cochenour, Abby Winer, & Bill Huennekens This 2014 workshop presentation combines informative and hands-on approaches to bridge the gap between data (within and across agencies); demonstrate the tools for Early Learning to answer critical questions; and build an understanding of how CEDS can help you with Align and Connect-experts […]

Data Partnerships to Ensure that Professionals Who Work with Children with Special Needs are Represented

A Comprehensive Early Childhood Framework

Conference: National Registry Alliance Meeting Date: October 2013 Presenters: Denise Mauzy & Missy Cochenour This 2013 presentation discusses the importance of including IDEA programs and services in states’ registries and reviews standards and tools that support states’ efforts. Presentation: Data Partnerships to Ensure that Professionals Who Work with Children with Special Needs are Represented

Why CEDS for Part C and 619: The Benefits of Using Common Education Data Standards

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Presenters: Meredith Miceli, Lisa Backer, & Suzanne Raber This 2013 presentation helps participants understand the benefits of using common data elements and definitions in their early childhood data systems. Tools developed by the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) initiative are demonstrated to illustrate the power of shared data dictionaries, shared evaluation and research questions, and […]

IDEA Part C and Part B 619 Data Systems: Current Status and Future Priorities

The ECTA/ECO Bunch (8 photos)

Presenters: Ruth Ryder, Meredith Miceli, Lynne Kahn, Kathy Hebbeler, & Donna Spiker These 2013 presentations were presented during the opening plenary of the Improving Data, Improving Outcomes conference. The first presentation discusses the DaSy Center Needs Assessment that was conducted with all states and territories. It reviews the purposes, methods, response rates, and highlights of […]