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Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) Align Tool

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This tool allows users to map their own data dictionary to CEDS. Published alignments are currently available in the early learning domain for 3 states. Align also offers individual training modules that walk the user through the process of creating or uploading a data dictionary and aligning the data elements with CEDS. This tool allows […]

The ABCs of Data Dictionaries

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This 2014 brief provides an overview of the basic components of a data dictionary and is designed to educate and inform IDEA Part C and Part B 619 state staff about the purpose and benefits of having up-to-date data dictionaries for their data systems. By Tate Gould, Amy Nicholas, William Blandford, Tony Ruggiero, Mary Peters, […]

Why CEDS for Part C and 619: The Benefits of Using Common Education Data Standards

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Presenters: Meredith Miceli, Lisa Backer, & Suzanne Raber This 2013 presentation helps participants understand the benefits of using common data elements and definitions in their early childhood data systems. Tools developed by the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) initiative are demonstrated to illustrate the power of shared data dictionaries, shared evaluation and research questions, and […]