State of the States – Archived 2013 Data

Click the tabs along the top to see national results on each of ten features of Part C and Part B 619 state data systems from 2013. Click a state to see the individual state results on all ten features for both Part C and Part B 619.

Overview Child-Level Data Systems Child Data Elements Linked or
in 1 System
Level Data Systems
Child Data Linked to Workforce Data Unique Child ID Same Unique Child ID in Part C & Part B 619 Part C Child Data Linked to Part B 619 Data Child Data Linked to Other ECE Data Child Data Linked to K-12 General Education Data Data Governance Body

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Territories Child Data Elements Linked or in 1 System: Guam: Yes for Part C and B for Guam, Northern Mariana Islands: Yes for Part C, No for Part B 619

These data are based on information collected by the DaSy Center in the summer of 2013. Individual state information is presented with permission from authorized state Part C and Part B 619 staff. We welcome new information and updates! State Part C or Part B 619 coordinators or data managers may update this information by contacting

American Samoa District of Columbia Guam Northern Mariana Islands Puerto Rico Virgin Islands