Sitemap for Accessibility Review

Pages vs. Posts: The difference, and what it means for an accessibility review

Pages on the site make up the “core” of the site: They are the DaSy-created skeleton of the site (navigation layout pages) and DaSy-created content/resources. For example, The navigation menus link to pages, and DaSy-created resources like toolkits, State of the States, and the DaSy Framework are pages.

Regarding accessibility review of pages:

  • Pages should undergo an accessibility review. Pages are DaSy-created content; we have full control of them and can fix any issues found.
  • Pages marked as Archived should be skipped. They aren’t referenced/used anymore in the web site. (But the sitemap code automatically shows them below.)
  • State of the States is from 2016, and is undergoing revision for 2020. Need to check if we want to put in the effort of worth reviewing State of the States, since the content will likely be entirely replaced in the coming months?
  • Skip State of the States 2013 (Archived) for sure!



Posts on the site are typically brief pointers to external resources (presentations, posters, webinar archives, etc.) that are featured in DaSy news or archives of conferences or webinars. Posts are categorized and tagged so that they appear dynamically in lists (by topic and year, for conferences, for example) and in search. Changing a category or tag of a post may make it appear in a different area of the site.

Regarding accessibility review:

  • Since posts typically reference external resources outside of DaSy’s control, resources linked from posts typically cannot be modified because they are not create by DaSy.
  • We can, however, always delete a post and its associated resource if it doesn’t meet our standards.
  • So, reviewing posts may be lower priority – or at least require less detail in documenting issues. If posts are reviewed for accessibility, the cost/benefit analysis may lean toward simply indicating if the post has issues, and if the issues are so severe that we should consider deleting the post/resource.

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